Worried Trump’s Trade War Will Cause Economic Calamity?

100 thoughts on “Worried Trump’s Trade War Will Cause Economic Calamity?

  1. Can't be too bad, I mean the farmers got 12 billion of our tax dollars to dissuade any public discord. Oh….wait….that's not good🤦💸

  2. I was once asked to create a banner with teens of different races reading. I could not find an image of a black teen reading. I did find several of them holding stacks of books or balancing an open book on their head. Stock photos do not have black males reading. I think that says something about how this society views black males. It was disappointing.

  3. I wonder from which United States did China learn? We may never know

  4. This madness will only end when we have competent leadership once more, and sadly, that likely won't be for another year or two.

  5. Ummmmm…where are the radical feminists screaming that there were no "Women with hands on forehead"? Don't women worry about this shit too?

  6. Trump thinks he’s soooo good at economics that he’s going to sink us faster than the titanic.

  7. I'm sure he will, he's the king of bankruptcies after all 😉

  8. I'm 28… So a millennial… Thanks yo Bush I'll never be able to retire either. But think positives!

    At least Trump's ensure everyone is fucked! Unless you make millions a year, then you're ok

  9. I think they bought the link and send you to gettyimages collection of men with hands on their foreheads.

  10. GOOD ONE, Colbert❗️

    Ok, Get W/Rush
    & See TTL
    For Ur Combined

  11. So…. yeah… I looked for menwithhandsontheirforeheads.com... not what I expected… ha

  12. Donald Trump: "Trade wars are easy to win"
    Joshua: "The only winning move is not to play"

  13. dump and his cronies so desperately trying to collapse the economy

  14. The (f)art of the deal. Republicans…”let’s make a guy that lost his multi mil inheritance, failed at real estate and made casinos go bankrupt our leader” 🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. "China is a currency manipulator" hmm and the federal reserve does what exactly?

  16. Fake economy fake president fake First Lady fake children fake in laws what country want

  17. This was stupid. Otherwise I love Colbert but this…is bullshit. China is a threat that needs to be addressed without ANY question…

  18. We're insulated from the effects largely due to the tax cuts–it's when these same Republicans lose control of the House and White House will they all of a sudden decide deficits matter again and then we'll go right into a recession.

  19. Love your show! We are regular viewers from Canada. It is appropriate that you roast the "temporary resident of the Oval Office" on a daily basis. What can one say about a man who has absolutlely no couth! Is devoid of any empathy, sensitivity, or humanity .
    A lump of misplaced and mis-appropriated human flesh, which somehow did not get issued with a brain, common sense or a soul!!

  20. the website htteps://menwithhandsontheirforeheads.com redirects you getty images with actual men with hands on their forehead …. 😀

  21. WTF this is the most sexist thing I have ever seen. I am SO disappointed in the Colbert show. Women can do shit too, oh, and have retirement plans without the permission of a man as of 1974. Shame on the late show for making a career in finance seem like only a man's job. I cannot communicate how upset this makes me that an accepting and diverse show like the late show put this together. I guess it shows that comedy is still a man's world.

  22. where do I find the ones of men linking their exaust pipe to the car interior with a hose?

  23. "Cheeseburger standard" lmao. Yep, be very nervous this is gonna get real ugly

  24. Who else went to the website hoping to download a few pics for future use?

  25. Us exports to China are 0.6% of US GDP, China exports to US are 5% of China's GDP. now you don't really need to be a genius to figure out who will win that do you.

  26. John Oliver would have made this a real website. This is why he wins everything.

  27. dude the website doesn't even fucking exist
    way to go 80% of the way through the joke and then nuke the remaining 20%

  28. LMAO! this site exists! 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣💀

  29. The domain isn't registered and the website doesn't exists. What a huge letdown.

  30. I wonder which poor bugger intern actually had to wade through a mountain of stock photos.

  31. There's no such page!!! You're a fuc&%!#@ng liar Colbert, suck it four eye hobbit-enthusiast MOTHERF*/&^@#@#$%^&*ER!!!!

  32. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  33. When you vote for the moron that can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag with a compass and a flashlight you get an economy that takes another four administrations to repair.
    When his base start losing their jobs and businesses maybe they’ll get it.
    Not snowflakes, snowflakes are diverse.
    Generic white bread.

  34. And if you like to eat chickens, fill the freezer now. Prices will go up with nobody left to process them.

  35. Took 'retire' out of my vocabulary in 2000. Reinstated it in August of 2009, but only until 2011. Gonna most likely 'die in the traces.'

  36. Please tell me this is real. We need this!
    (Real real, not just a link to Getty)

  37. I don't understand how the monologue and the rest of the show is so entertaining but these opening segments are so boring and unfunny.

  38. My aunt who has all her life/retirement savings in stocks just lost $10K in one day! She’s 73 and has been saving from working cheap labor at manufactures her whole life. I feel so bad for her. Hopefully, it picks back up soon. I told her she needs to put it in other investments that isn’t as risky as stocks.

  39. I'm so happy that the domain actually exists and redirects to Getty Images.

  40. the auditorium picture was disturbing. they were all hiding their faces. like they were trying to conceal their culpability.

  41. If this was John Oliver they would totally have created this website🤣

  42. I know it's a joke, but this seems a little to fitting. And I am also sure those photos were take back when Trump con his way into office.

  43. trump cut wealth people's tax then put import tariff make poor people pay more for their cheap import purchase

  44. The Fed says China is devaluing currency, then t'arump asks the Fed to devalue the dollar.

  45. It will be a great depression. Not just any great depression, but a Trump Great Depression. The classiest, most luxurious great depression the likes of which the world has never seen. Buh-leeve me, it's gonna be YUUUGE! Tremendous!

  46. Jesus Christ. When the stock market hit an all time high just a few weeks ago, it was never mentioned on this show. Please step up your game and try avoiding Trump's name for just one show, please!

  47. Hurry up!
    Japan Abe goverment is going to dispose the Fukushima's high-level radioactive contaminated water more than 1 million ton until Tokyo Olympic to the pacific ocean.
    If so, California costal beach and related industry(specially fishery, tourism and califirnia locals) will be fucked up.

  48. Okay guys and gals, Trump is causing a problem trade Wars and he's solving problem he created. It is just a game to him and it's not his money. Remember he said I like trade Wars

  49. I'd ask if you had anything for minorities but let's face it we were never going to retire anyway

  50. I already pay alimony to my ex wife. Now my stocks and 401k are going to shit because of the tariffs. Here comes the next collapse. Hope you all saved that loot you stowed for the 2012 apocalypse

  51. See, this is what separates John Oliver from Stephen Colbert. John Oliver would have actually created that site.

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