Wrestling with History in Whitesboro, NY: The Daily Show

The Daily Showis
usually the first to a story when it comes to crazy. But there was one story
last week we didn’t report, and that’s because
we sort of partially… kind of caused it? Jessica Williams has more. WILLIAMS:
We live in terrifying times.
But there’s one danger
that’s threatening
to devastate the lives
of everyday Americans.
Political correctness
will destroy us.Bizarro Obama is right–America is under attack!Take this small town,
for example.
They have an official sealthat’s represented their
village for over 100 years.
Now American Indian activist
Ben Miller
wants it taken down
just because it…
(like a baby):
huwts his feewings.
Look at the seal.
It makes us feel
really uncomfortable, when all we want to do
is progress and move forward. Haven’t you guys done enough? I mean, you already made
the Redskins change their logo. No, we haven’t made the Redskins
change their logo. They ain’t even thinking
about it. -So youdidn’tmake them
change their logo? -No. Y’all need
to get to work on that, -because that is so (bleep) up.
-We’re working on it.I mean, come on,
there’s no way this seal
could be more offensive
than this.
Let’s just see it. ♪ ♪ WILLIAMS:
Is that pioneer choking that
Native American dude to death, or do I have something crazy
in my eye? This is the official seal
of Whitesboro, New York. Hold up.
This town is called Whitesboro?That’s right, Whitesboro.I guess if you’re going
to have a racist seal,
why not have it here
in the Deep South…
of Upstate New York?Whitesboro’s white mayor,
Whitey Whiterson.
I mean, Patrick O’Connor.The seal is
absolutely not racist. Oh, okay.
Well, thank God, because it looks
like that white man was totally choking this
American Indian man to death. The seal depicts
our founder, Hugh White… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. -The guy in the seal’s name
is Hugh White? -Yes. Hugh White was invited to engage
in a friendly wrestling match. -And that’s when he choked him?
-Um, no. He did not choke him. -He attacked him?
-So, the goal of the match was to push your opponent
off balance. And then murder him? The seal is based
on historical events that fostered
a good relationship between our founder
and the American Indians.Yeah. I’m super positivethat’s what Native Americans
would say.
Yeah, history shows
that they were allies during the Revolutionary War. I’m sorry, wait.
Hold the (bleep) up. -They were actually friends?
-Yes, they were friends.Oh, so it’s just the picturethat’s completely
(bleep)horrible.To find out how
they arrived at this seal,
I met with village clerk,
Dana Nimey-Olney.
In 1977,
the seal was changed
to move the hands away from the neck area
down to the shoulders. So there’s an evenmore
offensive version of this seal?Yeah, this one’s
definitely chokier.
Look, Dana,
I’m gonna be real with you. I actually kind of like
the older seal better because, look, this one
looks like a sensual embrace between two powerful men, whereas this one definitely
looks like attempted murder.Okay, so they’ve
already changed the image
of the wrestling
a bunch of times.
Why not make a brand-new one?In 1999, the village board
wanted to have a vote to potentially change it, but no alternative submissions
for another seal -were presented at the time.
-The only reason why you didn’t have the vote
is because you didn’t have -any ideas?
-Correct. I got, like, a million ideas
all the time!So the village board decided to
have a vote to change the seal.
I decided to submit some
historically accurate seals
that these white people
might legitimately like.
And I also threw in some more,
like pro wrestling
and these two dudes choking
a British guy to death.
Then– funny story–
the mayor sends out a postcard
announcing the vote,
which got the attention
of some people
outside Whitesboro,
and kind of stirred up
an international news story.
Some say
it’s racist and offensive. NEWSWOMAN:…a white man
choking a Native American.
…called racist and offensive. WILLIAMS:Woops. With the eyes
of the world watching,
change seemed inevitable.
That’s good.
I’m happy with it. Doesn’t look like
he strangled him. -It’s the history.
-This is history. There’s no need
to change history. WILLIAMS:Things were off
to a rough start.
But try as they might,
they couldn’t choke out
the voice of dissent.So, how do you feel
about the current seal? -I don’t like it.
-Why not? It does look like
the Indian’s being choked. Thank the Lord that you’re here!Then I realized– these weren’t
awful, bigoted people.
Some of them just honestly had
no idea that the current seal
andmaybesome of their wordswere alittleoffensive.White versus red, white
versus red, white versus red, white versus red… You just referenced the word
“red” a lot of times just now. -Yeah.
-I mean, like,
literally no idea
what’s offensive.
I’ve worked
with Native Americans. -Okay.
-So… I know there’s issues. -Uh-huh.
-Big issues. -Humongous.
-Just… just like… -Monumental issues.
-just like withyourrace. -My race?
-Yeah. -What race is that?
-African-American, black, Negro,
whichever one you want to use. You say Negro? Well, at one point
that was part of your history. Being a Negro, right?I’m beginning to understandwhy they chose that seal
in the first place.
But I still had hope
that the people of Whitesboro
would make the right choice.-Okay, so, the votes are in.
-(snaps fingers) Show me the new seal! Are you (bleep) kidding me? Our residents came out and voted to keep the history of the seal
the way it was. This is… blowing up my brain right now. Do you guys just hate
American Indians? -Absolutely not.
-But if there are millions of people
outside of the town telling you
that the seal is racist… wouldn’t it do you a service
to listen to them? The people of our village know that this is just
a friendly wrestling match. This is just not even… You know… this… I don’t… I… Can I do to you
what that white man is doing to that American Indian man
in that seal? If it’s gonna foster
a better relationship, then yes. Yeah. I think it would. ♪ ♪ (applause, whooping) Wow. Wow, Jessica. It was intense. I mean, unfortunately,
it seems as though some people will never change. Actually, this morning, I spoke with the mayor
of Whitesboro, and guess what? They are changing the seal! -(cheering)
-Wow! Wow! Are you… -Is this for real?
-Yeah. Yeah. Really for real. For really for real.
The village officials and the descendants
of Hugh White are getting together
with the Oneida Indian Nation to make a new seal
that makes everybody happy! -(cheering, applause)
-We did it! We did it!

100 thoughts on “Wrestling with History in Whitesboro, NY: The Daily Show

  1. Nobody has Heritage that's why I'm America always want to change somebody to Red to Black to Brown to White

  2. Just googled this to see if my eyes and ears deceive me….. it’s fucking real lol I can’t fucking believe it…. so fucked up only in twisted ass New York that spawned the fucking devil aka Donald trump would this shit be a city called Whitesboro in the county of Whitestown lol none sense!!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as an "american indian". In their logs, early european captains simply named them "americans". But then they decided to steal their country and their name. Meanwhile indians only exist in….you guessed it, India !

  4. The reporter is fucking gorgeous!!! I want to have some mixed babies with her!!

  5. She is about the same color of the Indian. The first pic of the Indian look white and the white guy in the first pic look pale.

  6. Wow everyone in these comments are actually are more surprised insulted or cant believe that she was called a negro.Yet the main story was the white choking a red wow no one was disturbed by that hmmm.

  7. When that old man was young probably in the 60’s black Americans referred to themselves as negroes, don’t believe google vintage footage from the 60’s. At the end of the day it’s a Spanish word appropriated by racists

  8. Don't know why Blacks get mad at Negro. Negro is synonymous to Black, as Caucasian is to white. Plus the word Negro means Black in Spanish!!! I remember once when my kids mother discovered the word Negro on a crayon….She dayum near lost her mind. She was like Chuck, do you see this racist shit? I was like what? She said these mfers put Negro on the Black crayon. All I could do was literally laugh out loud… So then I had to explain to her that Negro is the Spanish word for Black, and that all of the crayons have the Spanish word for each color. I also explained that, the word Negro has been around much longer than Blacks being called it!!! She was like oh ok, but I still think it's racist!!! I laughed my ass off for real that day! 😂😂😂

  9. There's an episode of south park that's just like this. Look up Chef Goes Nanners.

  10. the native WAS being choked, when the hell did they ever wrestle each other for sport in those times? Thats the real joke… those so-called whites, descendants of Esau will always lie and create their own history to hold themselves not guilty…

  11. He really just asked her if she was once a negro!? I hope his ass got choked out 💯

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    Also we will fall to political correctness. If we can't swallow a few things and our pride and start the process of making the government better America mite not last long

  13. I really feel so sorry for the natives that's a heart breaking story that's a shameful history

  14. Alright if you know what it's about and it just seems like something else to you then maybe you are being a bit too Nazi about it if you still want it to change.

  15. That could have been a fairly effective piece if the person doing it hadn't been so annoying.

  16. The dude talking about reds and whites actually wanted to say something progressive and his initial thought was not racist, but you guys just fucked it up because of unimportant semantics

  17. That filthy white terrorist is choking out that indian man… And this girl did a hell of a job on this report omg i love her !!!!

  18. Seriously, that man saying the N word casually like that… I was stunned!!
    Slavery was a part of our history and it should not be forgotten and hidden away. Not because we are proud of it! Because it was one of the worst things that has ever happened and people need to understand exactly how horrible it was!

  19. I would be so pissed if that one with them choking a red coat didnt get picked. I would have all my friends vote for that because its really funny

  20. That was dumb. She is standing up for something that doesn't seem to upset the people involved. She made up a false meaning and stuck to it, even after being told what it was depicting. I don't think her fight made a better world. I think her tunnel vision allowed her to feel just in pushing for change.

  21. People really have to look up the meaning of racism. Even IF the picture were a White killing an Indian that wouldn’t be racist.
    It only would be a really stupid logo and an repulsive depiction of violence.
    This video is complete and utter nonsense and I am deeply disappointed by Trevor for supporting that idiotic political correctness stuff.
    As usual US- Americans always think even the tiniest detail interests “the world”.
    The world couldn’t care less about anything than a small town seal.

  22. Thank you! I'm a member of the 5 Nations, from New York! Great job. If you think about it, almost every race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. has a voice but we are our own and have been for 500 years.

  23. Did you see how uncomfortable and hushed that lady who called the seal racist was?, I live in a town like that. You don't have to look over your shoulder to make a race joke but you do before you call a police shooting unjustified, yet nobody except me and the lady that lives down the block thinks our town has a problem. Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant, IGNORANT!

  24. Did he call my beautiful queen a "negro"??? I would have reached all the way back to AFRICA and assaulted his face with the black side of this black hand.

  25. the whole oh but that person may not know that insert here is racist/bigoted is not good enough for me and to me it is just enabling racists and bigots to never change their mindset by just saying it's ok they did not know so lay off

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  27. Racism is so entrenched in America that there's white people who actually can't see it.

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  29. I'm here because my Social Studies teacher showed us this video today. 🙂

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  33. The History is good I don’t understand why this is such a big deal!!! Although them wrestling the Brit was great! Also glad they figured it out!

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