Yakuza, Organized Crime, and the Japanese Right Wing

83 thoughts on “Yakuza, Organized Crime, and the Japanese Right Wing

  1. "Any country would go to war if their land was illegally occupied by military " yeah tell it to the Irish the north of Ireland has been colonised by the British for too long .

  2. 俺は考え方は凄くいいと思う

  3. They're pretty delusional if they honestly think Russia is gonna give them back even an inch of land.In any case they're not that bad,most Jews around the world are 10 times more racist and xenophobic than these guys.

  4. The ancient island of Japan belongs to the Japanese people, whoever disagrees with this best be Japanese themselves. Their ancestors are buried in that ground, they have the right to say what happens to it, not the globalists.

  5. Why does he have the tattoos of the Yakuza if he's not one of them?

  6. 4:07 a Japanese man asking another Japanese man if he’s sleepy haaaa 😆you all look sleepy to us .

  7. Ha ha ha, this fools will NEVER get Russian territories to be japanese territories!! Russia are gonna blow this fools to pieces without any warning if they tried! Stupid idiots!

  8. Hey Yakuza, please notice that white, male, right-wing nationalists in the USA are murdering people, in huge mass murders, here, often. It’s so scary!!! If all of the other warning signs didn’t do anything for you, like the Nazis in Germany about a hundred years ago, perhaps being branded as “right-wing” and “nationalists” in the current racist environment, will make you feel motivated to do better. Please consider what you are doing!

  9. In a way, Japan never opened up to other countries, and this is the subtlety they chose to communicate those sentiments.

  10. 7:35 That part was hilarious! "Filthy Post box that resembles a garbage bin". That police guy couldn't help but, laugh. lol!

  11. Yeah my grandfather is mad nationalistic and he would probably do some crazy shit if he met Japanese people who are like this. Btw I’m chinese and majority of the older generation absolutely hate Japanese people because of the shit they did in ww2 and they’re hella bitter cuz China got shafted by japan then America took shit too

  12. ini mah analogi-nya klo di indonesia mungkin begini kali ya:

    right-wing = ormas
    yakuza = preman

    hubungannya 11-12

  13. yes they're bored, mildly racist and slightly dangerous men but DAMN THEY CAN SING

  14. Might as well find new hobbies like fishing or smth did they really think shouting in front of russian embassy could defeat putin the ultimate mega alpha male? Smh

  15. All that time spent in demonstration and pointless protests could have been spent in wooing a cute girl in a park somewhere and actually have a good time. Guess they're retarded beyond repair

  16. It's like germany requesting that the former soviet union, "might as well still be considered the Soviet Union" give their land back. Sorry germany. Sorry Japan. Russia likes to play games with the US after they sold us Alaska. Russia isnt to be fucked with. So don't even play. Because they don't even play balll.

  17. Just because a social class or a specific class of blood line or class of people and or "families" get together and hang out doesnt make it criminal or wrong people are always allowed to live together in the right areas of course just as long has theirs an understanding to the house and lot owners

  18. Japan belongs to the native ETHNIC Japanese. They have every right to empower and put themselves first.

  19. At 6:04, anybody notice that behemoth brick and black steel, blast proof building? Doesn't even need a barricade, bro! I bet it could withstand a blizzard of barrages of buses blowing into it Looks like something out of Star Wars or Dune.

  20. 'unlike the neo-nazi's and the ku-klux-klan we aren't racist' Then you haven't had to live around the other races. . .

  21. 🚧🇯🇵🚦🇯🇵yakuza🇯🇵 🍾🔪versus 🔪🇮🇩indonesia people's 🇮🇩🚧🇯🇵🚦🚧

  22. Right wingers? I'm pretty sure most Japanese people are already right wing. I think what you meant was racists.
    -Japanese Resident

  23. If they hate the Russians for their occupation of the Sakhalin islands, do they also resent the US bases? If not, then they are not the type of ultra-nationalists like Hanpeita Takechi.

  24. anyone who say "we are not racist……", just wait for the sentence after "but, we only………..(all the horse shits).."

  25. i remember back in 2009, 1 day before Olympic torch relay visited Japan for Beijing Olympic, the yakuza with their speaker screamed on the street that they will beat up any Chinese. The next day, over than 30,000 Chinese showed up on that road to support the relay, all Yakuza hid inside their mum's womb.

  26. そんな紋紋ちらつかして

  27. they must decied nowdays problems your own country but they try to give back Kuril islands much years  already they won't give back by Russian Federation because it's territory theirs. So what they should stop it.

  28. Japanese war criminals had much the same views as these guys. I had a comment removed for hate speech a while ago. You tube wouldn't do that if it was a comment about Germans or white males

  29. That is a cute way of protest,
    India hot heads will first break/demolish the public and private property,
    then get in the news, and then they present their point to the authority.
    Obviously, police opposes them violence is seen, people die,
    but the authorities wont take a step forward addressing the issues on the basis of logic and practicality.
    Most commonly the name it as religious riots and ani national people.
    Its really sad when you get used to this in a democratic country.
    Its not really that democratic if you look at it from the actual ground, its like public have to chose which ruler they what to rule them up and fill its own pocket.
    Though someday, I think India will too be in an state where, authorities will do what they are supposed to do without people telling them

  30. Globalists want the yakuza destroyed , so they can multicultrlise Japan, destroy Japan's race culture and religion, turn Japan black and Muslim .

  31. Jesus i wish i had a gun to shoot all the leftists and zionist and commie shit specks in the comments below suck a 9 inch thick black cock japan and the axis will rise again whether you like it or not the future rulers of japan will be the far right wingers just wait and see they will never surrender so just shut up stop crying and swallow the cinnamon okay bitch you will lose its your destiny to be on your kness bitch bitch okay bitch bitch ?!!!! you will all be speaking japanese soon !!!!

  32. ppl think the wrong way but I advise stay away from us.If u knock on our door you are feked

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