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To make a good trumpet in the ideal case you have a technician playing the trumpet, being able to understand what the musician is saying, then you have to transfer this into the craftsmanship and at the end you need a company being able to reproduce this. I started playing the trumpet when I was 8 and from the age of 16 I was constantly switching between wind-band music, bohemian style music, rock, soul, funk, big band stuff and sometimes recording sessions. For 22 years I´m working as a brass technician now and since around 15 years I would say it is mainly work for professional musicians. My dream was to develop an instrument being useful for all kinds of music. I wanted something really vibrant and responsive. And it should be something really making fun without being exhausted after long gigs. When I was talking to musicians I realized that this is something almost everybody is looking for. In test sessions with several players it really became clear that we have to do something completely new. Over the years I collected a lot of information in my mind which I had to sort to really have a starting point for making the first prototype. Even the first notes I played on the new prototype gave me the feeling to be on the right track. The first test players described exactly what I felt when I played it the first time. Easy response – no effort to play and really fun to play it. To confirm the first test results we created a number of prototypes and tested them in whole Europe. From Studio recordings to live Performance in big arenas and even at the Oktoberfest. Receiving more and more feedback from the road tests we became some ideas how to improve the trumpet. Changing the mouthpiece receiver and soldering the bellrim, this was really the breakthrough. The result is the Commercial Trumpet Vibrant, responsive and useful for any kind of music. If I had this trumpet 20 years ago honestly speaking I might have decided to make my living from from trumpet playing. Give it a try!

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  1. Eine geniale Jazz-Kanone. Ich konnte die Trompete von Andrea Tofanelli testen und habe ohne zu zögern gleich eine YTR6335RC bestellt! Freue mich, sie in ein paar Tage in Empfang nehmen und sie in der Big Band Liechtenstein spielen zu können.

  2. These do not seem to be available from any US dealer. Limited production? Just not here yet?

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