Your first Self Assessment tax return

This is one of a series of videos about online
Self Assessment. The tax return due by 31 January 2019 is for
the tax year 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018. Self Assessment isn’t just for self-employed
people. Everyone who has to complete a tax return
must do so, even if there is nothing to pay. You may be charged a penalty if you don’t. There’s a useful tool on GOV.UK to help
you decide if you need to complete a tax return, and you don’t need to be registered to use
it. You’ll need to register for Self Assessment
by 5 October following the end of the tax year or you may be charged a penalty. There’s a short video in this series on
how to register. Once you’ve registered and activated the
online service you’re ready to complete your first Self Assessment tax return. All income has to be included when you complete
your tax return, so you’ll need your records. These are some of the things you might need. There’s more about record keeping on the
GOV.UK website. Once you have all your information, go to
GOV.UK and sign in with the user ID and password you got when you signed up to Self Assessment
online. There are links to help if you have any problems. This first page of the tax return gives information about who can and who can’t use the online service. Most people can. Before you fill in your tax return, you’ll
be asked to ‘Tell us about you’. You must make an entry at every box, unless it shows as being optional Many people are surprised to find the Self
Assessment online screens are very user friendly and help you through the process. This screen is letting you know the date of
birth has been entered incorrectly. It is now correct 30/01/1960. You must show four digits for the year, just
‘60 is not accepted. In the next section, you can ‘Tailor your
return’. You answer a series of Yes/No questions to
ensure that you only fill in what you need. If you are unsure about a question, select
the ‘?’ at the side. You’ll then find some guidance notes about
the question. Every time you use the ‘save and continue’ button,
what you have entered has been saved. So, you can leave the tax return and come
back to it later. This is helpful if you don’t have everything
to hand. If you’ve made a mistake, you can also go back and correct it. When you have filled in your return, you’ll
be asked to check that everything is correct. This confirms what you’ve said you don’t need to fill in. and shows a summary of what you have filled in. At this stage you can go back and make changes. When you’re sure everything is correct,
you can ‘view your calculation’. The online tax return works out how much you
are due to pay. You can then save a copy of your return for
your own records. Remember to send the return to HMRC. Do this in the ‘submit return’ section. You’ll need your user ID and password to
do this. You’ll receive a message online, to confirm
that HMRC has received your return, when you submit it. You’ll find more help and support on GOV.UK. Webinars and other videos about Self Assessment
are available from HMRC. Thanks for watching.

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