YouTube BANNED These Commercials

We now return to Varsity High. So I go look. – I’m the starting quarterback.
– Right, right. – I have three symmetrical testers.
– Yes, you do. – And I’m never gonna die.
– Hell no! – So everyone–
– A-ahem… Samanda? What do you want? I took a pregnancy test, Clint. You’re gonna be a father! Varsity High will return after these important messages. YouTubers often make mistakes. We put out a bad video, sell out for branding content, or tweet something insensitive. And often times, the back-clash could lead to severe mental and emotional breakdowns. But not for me!
Because I use Xanax for YouTubers. I don’t care when somebody says “Smosh ran out of ideas,” or “What happened to the hot one?” Because thanks to Xanax for YouTubers, I haven’t felt emotion in years! Failures don’t matter to me, and of course, successes don’t either! Xanax for YouTubers; I’m dead inside. Mike-In-The-Bag, we’re a new kind of fast food. Open up our bag and find out why! *gasps* AAAHHHH! Is that a dead body?! *laughs* That’s right! Burgers! Mike-In-The-Bag; the burgers are triangles! You’ve heard of Kidz Bop! Which takes naughty songs and make some appropriate for kids! But now we’re taking kids songs and making them naughty for adults. Get ready for, Adult Bop! Adult Bop! Rocks! You can’t have just one! Aye, party people!
It’s your boy, Pitbull! Check it! Mr. Worldwide got Latin hip-hop, on lock! Worldwide!
But now, I’m doing my own restaurant thing! I call it, Pitbull’s Grill Pit! When you come to Pitbull’s Grill Pit, you can use the PItbull Ball Pit! So your kids could do kids sh*t, while you sit-pat and eat the Pitbull Grill Pit’s Grits Bowl & Ribs Rack! And if your pet is literally a Pitbull, we got the Pitbull Grill Pit Pit Bull Pet Pit! So your Pitbull can chill and do Pitbull bullsh*t! So take it for me, Mr. Worldwide! We’re pitting against Pitbulls Real Pit! Party party! *inaudible. yeh, he’s talking so fast aaah!* And if you come into Pitbull’s Grill Pit, and your name is Brad Pitt, I will not serve you! Get out of my store! k thank god i’ve made it. We now return to Varsity High. So what’s it gonna be, Clint? Are you gonna be a father? Or are you gonna be a little bitch? You have to choose, and you have to choose now! Yeah, what’s it gonna be? I choose… Neither! – What?!
– Because your pregnancy test, is actually a meat thermometer! And my sperm count is way too low to ever pregnant someone! Boom! Burgers, anyone? *both in unison* AAAAAHHHHH! Mike-In-The-Bag. *both in unison* The burgers are triangles! You’re gonna be a father! *laughs* Why are you looking at me that close? *laughs* What was that? I haven’t felt emotion in years! I — f*ck! Oowiee, my ear!
I hit my ear! We got the Pitbull Pet Pit! Well you sit back, and sit-pat, and eat that Pitbull — *messed up* Grits Bull Pppprrrrrroooooouuuuuu! *chuckles* Well, I do love rocks! If you want to see Every Workout Ever, click the box on the left. And if you want to see Expectations versus Reality in 2019, click that box on the right. And if you will excuse me, I’ve got some rocks to go play with. *weird chuckle* Rocks!

100 thoughts on “YouTube BANNED These Commercials

  1. I love how he says "and what happened to the hot one"……. ANTHONY

  2. why on the xanax box its says small in romanian "10 comprimate , administrare orala" hMMHMmh

    Like daca esti roman

  3. yankkee doodle went to town riding on his mother every time he hit a bump he made a baby brother

  4. Original:Yanky doodle went to town riding on a pony stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni

  5. “If your pet is a pit bull, we’ve got the Pitbull Grill Pit Pit Bull Pet Pit, so your Pit bull can chill, and do pit bull bull sh*t”

  6. why does the zoom in on ian saying "i'm dead inside" remind me of the electric company?

  7. Damien playing with rocks was one of the hottest things I’ve seen all week.

  8. I’ve watched this over and over. I think smosh should make varsity high a thing. Ima start writing a story. And the principle will be Briana Bohoe. Sorry if I spelt it wrong. Ill get it right.

  9. The 1st AD did such a great job. You guys should give him a free leather jacket!

  10. Pentru toti romanii care au văzut că pe pachetul cu Xanax jos scrie in romana😂

  11. Guys help I have been stuck on a 4:25 second ad no matter how many times I reload.

  12. How did that romanian box got there ?

    I don’t know if someone realized but the writing is in romanian ,at 0:51 .

  13. who else was waiting for the ads to end so they could finish their episode of "riverdale"

  14. You haven't heard it here folks, Shayne can't get ANYONE pregnant 😛

  15. The only commercial break I would watch

  16. Damn smosh really getting big now. Can’t believe they got Pitt Bull to feature in their video

  17. 1:14 this poor girl she is suffering from the second killer of hotness. It is a very serious condition called Noassatall. My condolences to her ancestors and immediate family.

  18. “What happened to the hot one??” Hahahahahah I almost died of laughing

  19. ‘And if you’re a matador you can go down into “pit bull’s bull pit” to do some bull pit bull s**t’

  20. I love that there was nothing more to the rocks sketch. Just Damien being insane. That’s the best.

  21. “Or what happened to the hot one”
    I felt that.
    Poor Ian was talking about Anthony😢

  22. "I Haven't feel emotional for year"
    Me: Sure Ian ._.

  23. 0:56 Why is that small text in romanian tho?

  24. “I don’t care when they say what happened to the hot one.”
    Nah nah, your better looking

  25. Lol it would be funny if YouTube age restricted this video lol ( I want to die a little bit more each day)

  26. I like rocks, Not much to kiss/lick them, But, I might have over 30- BUT IM NOT OBSESSED

  27. "Or tweet something insensitive" OH NO CORL FLASHBACKS ARE HAPPENING

  28. The way “Samanda” said “ YoUr GoNna Be A fAtHeR” killed me every single damn time 🤣

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