Fourth quarter it could be me any second Oh Sh*t Yo wassup guys today is the big day the superbowl Yes I know NFL teams have been training their whole life for this moment But I don’t even care about that The thing is tho its called the super bowl Like im expecting People to be bowling but there playing football It doesn’t make sense, but today in the 4th quarter of my super bowl commercial is being aired live! But were at the store now picking up snacks because were at this super bowl watching party. I don’t even care about the game I just wanna see my own commercial because today’s my day yeah man you know its always good to bring snacks to a party ima bout to come through yo what, jesus. Yo see you on the other side the f*ck my hand *laughing* Yo, we secure the stuff ESKIET. We have a ride. Yes, we have a theatre at the crib oh
We decided to pull up to the Faze house because they’re having a little get-together most people are here to watch the Super Bowl I’m not I’m just watching the commercial looking this big-ass guinea pig, bro Are you sure it’s the guinea pig it looks like a kangaroo Damn, you have an elevator. It’s like the same size as our elevator class dismissed *laughing* So before the Superbowl starts man the boy is gonna show me his new crib we in the Hills We’re always in the Hill damn. It has a nice get-together spot over there Okay, damn this view yo, I think this house might be better than our house bro, bro look at this bed this shit gigantic Bro I want to move in bro. Your house is cooler than our house. Here’s a fridge, dishwasher What this that’s a microwave? Oh? Yeah, so they have one floor to floor 3/4 in a basement, so that’s technically four floors But you got eight, and then he has a gym And then a pool area do I swear this house is kind of cooler than our house now Nah I’m just kidding my house is the best house on YouTube hands down anyways I was thinking like Advertisements all you choose like no one really pays attention like they always skip the party’s over America it been commercials on TV, man No one pays attention cuz everyone go grab snacks during the commercial but for some reason man Super Bowl commercial everyone loves them everyone pays Attention to them and guess what I’m in one I haven’t seen him before you guys haven’t seen either so we’re about to watch it live together Pac-man you don’t need no pole. You just gotta crinkle the bottom look at that. It just stands, bro It’s all the way to the top to you know what I’m saying oh, it’s a pussy yeah, man I don’t know where the house tour guy went, so I’m just exploring this house. It’s like a maze I don’t know like this house is so big I swear It’s the same size as our house, but the thing is my house is like just more modern. This is like that old white you know wooden feel to it now over all the pretty cool house the view is bro you see one KSI fight and You think that you could be Mayweather something I showing me what you got bro what do you think of the cheese? hard as f*ck man Jesus Christ you guys everyone pray guys he got beat up by this guy Low key guys that KSI fight really inspire me to come hit the gym and just get ready in case some Youtuber ever calls Me out on this ring Hi, I haven’t seen you in a minute, bro. I thought you were supposed to move in and what happened with that Damn we are actually watching on the big guys, I cannot wait to see myself for the first time I haven’t seen it show so NBC call Is in the fourth quarter it’s the fourth quarter right now? I don’t know exactly what it is weighted fourth quarter It could be me any second Bro that was insane I saw myself on the big screen, but the game is still going on But I’m just like no that’s all I need to see I’m gonna just go home I feel so good right now. I feel on top of the world I wish you guys didn’t feel how I’m feeling like Lilly if you do have been watch sports You have to know the Super Bowl is the most watch Televised would have been in America and the fact that I was on TV and people saw me like literally my phone was blowing up all my social media is just starting to blow it up Just start up pop it up Everyone started talking about me, so I thought would be pretty cool to just sit down and just read over What kind of the world just thought about my Super Bowl commercial because I feel like the support you guys allowed me to what you? guys gave me there is nothing in the world that I can’t I like how my time went just exploded when rice come up here oh, you got to understand man like as soon as my commercial wet life as really my life my interaction everything just Everyone’s talking about it was the coolest thing ever Bryce come on TV. What is life I don’t know. What exactly is life, man. You still watch the Super Bowl no Crazy how two years ago, I was watching these kids must be stopped and rice don’t have 500 K subs now He’s in the Superbowl commercial life comes at you fast, man You work your way up you got to start somewhere about boys and girls if you want to do big things You’ve got to start somewhere, but if you’ve been support us this to beginning I love you write stuff in the monster commercial looking like bubbles well today’s my day like today’s my big moment You know really about to roast me, but we don’t have to look like – all right still want a Super Bowl commercial And I’m low-key happy because it shows that youtubers are becoming so much more risk for someone other than rice Don’t know okay, wait just why did you just do that? Why couldn’t you just give me my props give me my credit Well, you could’ve easily just left that last sentence out of the whole equation Let’s go away for making videos in his parents basement being in a Super Bowl commercial follow your dreams good, okay My parents basement my parents don’t even have a basement in the house I don’t know where you got these facts from but What are you talking about Wright’s gonna may have not gotten into YouTube rewind But the guy made it in a Super Bowl commercial good for him Okay
Listen think about all the youtubers that were in the youtuber you want now think about all these youtubers that were in this Super Bowl Not that many you know I’m probably the feels out different us But so everyone hate on me talking about I shouldn’t be on the youtuber you won It doesn’t even matter you to rerun is like right here Superbowl commercial is up here. I’ll do it big day Why I just washed up rice Cup on my TV bro plenty of packs of smart agents out there come on What does that mean who is washed up what other Asians are doing it like me? I’m really dug in the hills and up low-key just getting started like way on it I’m going up was that I even raced up so many Asian Edwards look away That was me plum now right still building a pair of headphones everyone knows the man’s a fucking idiot What are you talking about the fact that rice cone is in a Super Bowl commercial makes me so angry when he did the same Mix he said mails me so angry like if another human doing something successful makes you mad makes you angry and this is for all the haters out there because there were so many tweets and also so Many loved well I can think about me is the reason why I feel like I’m so pop it is like I have a ton of fans But I have this same amount of haters, so like that’s doubled aside I mean, I don’t even want people to like me as long as they know me know my face I mean like that’s Fame You know I mean like I’m fine with bad But look man seeing this tweet and seeing all these other haters is being mad at me for being this commercial It makes me so happy like I love I love Flexing on the haters like I love flexing it in general But just flexing the hands like being a super uber is such a flex lol rest Okay, keep my ass wait. What this has nothing to do with commercial how this comment get here wait hold on though Wow But if you guys show love online, and I didn’t show your comment in my video, I’m sorry I wish I acknowledge everybody, but I love you guys so much Ya guys today has been a pretty pretty good day, man things have been going pretty well Thank you for all the support, but look. I’m pretty hungry from better. Don’t eat with the squad Why are all my friends so famous man like there as well as you can see here other guys out here? Wrote the elixir here right there, so he’s trying to say he’s taller than me. No you’re not So I made a video roasting ugly God’s friend Here’ll ahem and Timmy thick are like best friends, and I made a video a while ago hoping for that But I don’t care how think he has been this has to stop. I don’t want to see this ever again how do you feel about me talking bad about us everything my friend is nobody that you just I mean, I don’t really think he’s that thick I see thicker kids that when I just got a case Adela Got some rice over there What does it look like what guys I really got robbed it for my chain that caught black hand Everyone put your seatbelts on Alyssa’s driving. That’s kind of mean but Yeah boy you haven’t posted in a while. Where are you about to come back? Come back, bro. Well that joke was excellent excellent nacho guys I need You know ice boy check the eyes we got the eyes No you wear Keep the clown gang merch if you Try to hold me back when I keep on advancing when I’m looking at his hand – it’s so gigantic I come and steal bitch my pockets be 100 bill. I’m in the Hills bitch my soldiers did a hundred milk

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