(udder boinging) – (both) WHAT?! – What? No!
– No! – What on earth? ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So over the years,
we’ve done a few episodes on Japanese commercials – I think I did one of these once. I had no idea what was going on. – (FBE) And even one of them
even featured both American and Japanese YouTubers,
and we got to see different perspectives
and different cultures, with the YouTubers
from the U.S. finding some of the Japanese commercials
strange, and those from Japan feeling like some of the commercials
were totally normal, and even said that
some of our commercials from the U.S. were the ones that
were big and loud and weird. – Are you gonna show me
some Japanese commercials? – When I first moved to America,
especially on the radio, I feel like American
commercials are so risky. – (FBE) Today, we’re
going to be showing you some more Japanese commercials
and see what you think. – I’m so ready!
– I’m so excited! – I’ve seen my fair share of these,
so I’m kind of excited. – They’re so weird. I’ve seen one in my life
and I never looked back. – (FBE) So after each video,
we’re gonna have you rate them on a scale of 1-5,
based on how creative and different you thought they were.
– “Creative and different.” – Get your Creative Different Hat on.
– Okay. (clicking tongue) It’s on. (phone ringing) – (horse speaking Japanese) – (cracking up) What? – The placement of the mouth, though. – ♪ (singing in Japanese
to bubbly rock music) ♪ – (both) It’s Domino’s Pizza! – He’s making a pizza.
I like this. – He’s, like, spawning things
out of his hand. – ♪ (singing continues) ♪ – I want pizza now. – I want to get pizza after this. – “De ki ta.”
– What is going on, dude? – (chuckling)
– Wait… – What? – There’s a rave on the pizza. – This is why I want to go to Japan. – Wow. – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – There’s a lot happening here. – I can’t with this. – I’m kind of over this already.
I’m not gonna lie. – I’m so lost. – I’m thoroughly enjoying this. – ♪ Domino Pizza ♪ – (mimicking) ♪ Domino Pizza ♪ – That was kind of twisted. If you think about it,
all the animals coming out of the oven singing,
but they’re actually the meat. – (FBE) So on a scale of 1-5,
how creative and different was that? – One… as in I could
absolutely see that playing here. – That’s a five. Whoever came up with that
has a very wild imagination. – Five. – Four… because it was really funky
and really out there. – This is kind of weird.
I’d give it a two. – Three. – I’m gonna go a solid four. – Four.
– I would say four, too. – Four. – Three, just because,
eh, it was okay. – Four. I just can’t imagine somebody
from Domino’s being, like, “Hmmm, some animals singing
on some pizza. Sure, yeah!” – (speaking in Japanese) – Oh, yes! – Oh! – What is going on?
– (man screaming aggressively) – Is this Power Rangers? – “U.F.O.” I wonder
what that brand is. – I have no idea what
they are trying to advertise here. – Are those these
instant noodle bowls, because I love them. – Is this a ramen commercial? – Mastodon! Pterodactyl! – (speaking in Japanese)
– (snorting) – Ha! – (speaking in Japanese) ♪ (high energy action music) ♪ – This is really creative, too. – Wow, this is a lot. – What?!
– Sweet! – A man just turned into a motorcycle. – (laughing) What?! – (man screaming aggressively)
– (laughing) (motor revving)
– Jeez. – Yo, I called it! – For noodles?
Come on, y’all. – (announcing in Japanese) – I need to get that ramen. That was another five. – I’d give that a two. It didn’t get to the main thing
until the very end. – Five.
– I’d say five. – Five, for sure.
– I don’t think you’d see that here. – Three for creative. – Two, purely because its plot
was a little contrived. – A four. – A solid three. If that aired in the U.S.,
ramen sales would go through the roof. – I’ll give you a three on that one. – Five. – I’d give it a four.
– I’d give it a one… because I’ve seen
a lot of, you know, Voltron/Power
Rangers-esque stuff here. – I thought it was very original. – Well, good.
– I liked it. – Agree to disagree. – (man snoring) – Oh, hey, me in school. – ♪ (singing softly in Japanese) ♪
– (laughing) – ♪ (singing continues) ♪
– (laughing) – Take a breath mint.
♪ (metal music) ♪ OH!
– ♪ (growling vocals) ♪ – (laughing) What the heck? – (cracking up) Yes! Yes! – ♪ (growling vocals) ♪ – (laughing) – (gasping) – I feel so bad for him right now. – What on earth? – Oh, no. – I love this.
This is the best one yet. – (announcing in Japanese)
– ♪ Glico ♪ – Yeah, I ain’t eating that. I don’t want some lady
screaming at me with a lightening bolt
on her forehead. No! – I feel like all the 5 Gum
commercials were super inspired from stuff like this. – Four.
– I’d give it just a four. That was creative.
I liked it. – That’s a three. I mean, I got that one way
more than the last one. – I’d give that one a three. – I would also give it a three. – I’d say four.
– Four. Four. – Once he put the gum
in his mouth, I was like, “Okay, he’s in heaven,”
and then just, like… crazy woman
screaming in your face. Five. – I’ll give you a five on that one. – There was lots of screaming
and she was scary, so that one was a three. – Four. I don’t think
in Canada or America, they’d be like, “Yes,
you can torture this person and that will sell the product.” – Three. There’s a lot easier ways
to be woken up then to be electrocuted
by some lady yelling in your face. ♪ (serene music) ♪ – (voice-over speaking Japanese)
– Cows! – (voice-over continuing) – (both) Oh! – Oh, that– okay.
(laughing) I did not see that coming. – Is it for milk? Yes. – Oh, that’s just weird. – You know, a normal day in Japan. – This is some creative ass shit. Wow. – He looks confused–
– I am also confused. – (voice-over speaking Japanese) – “Let’s get some milk, guys! Come on!” – No. No, it is not gonna fall
into their glass from the U.F.O. It is NOT going to do that. – No.
– No. – No!
– No. (udder boinging)
– (cracking up) (udder boinging)
– (both) WHAT?! – What? No!
– No! – What the hell?! – Oh, no. Inappropriate. – Oh, it went perfectly
into the glass. Thank goodness. – Don’t drink it.
Please don’t drink– oh, you drank it. – (voice-over speaking Japanese) ♪ (pleasant chime) ♪
– Mm-mm! Mm-mm, okay…
(laughing) ew! – (laughing)
– (squealing) – Wow. – Any time that happens,
that should not be treated that casually.
And they drank it! – Five.
– Yeah. – My God, I want that milk. – A solid five. – Five!
– Definitely a five. – Five, just because
I was not expecting the udder nipple to just be all up in my face. – Because it is creative,
I will rate that a five. Did I enjoy it? Not that much. – Four. It was a little too much. I don’t need to see that much. – Three, just because
minus the U.F.O. nipple, everything else was probably okay. – Four in creativity. – Five, for me.
A solid five. – I’ll give it a four. Weirdly, I actually liked
that commercial. – Aliens delivering milk to children
from a giant floating udder? It’s pretty creative. – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – Is this–
– It’s Choco Balls. – (man) Yo.
– (imitating commercial) Yo! – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
– (chuckling) (spring boinging) – (man) Eh?
– (mimicking) Eh? – (mimicking) Yeh?
I’m liking this a lot. – Are these chocolate eggs? – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Choco Ball ♪
That was catchy. – Oh, again?
Oh, there’s another one? – What?
– There’s more! – This is great. (lion snoring)
– (laughing) Gotta get quiet around a lion. – Perfect. – And then they
disappear into the sky. – Oh, no! (giggling) – Oh, they’re in space. – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – Ah! He got that one. – Why do I feel like they’re in
the same [bleep] U.F.O. from the udder nipple? (spring boinging) – It’s adorable!
I love this. – ♪ (singing continues) ♪ – Have we ever tried these
when we were in Japan? – No.
– I want to try them now. It’s very effective. – Only problem is that when
I have one of those chocolate eggs, I’m gonna be thinking
of those guys’ faces on it. – I don’t really have
any words for that. (humming tune) – (both) ♪ Choco Ball ♪ – A two.
– A hard one. – Wow.
– One. This was my least
favorite advertisement. They tried too hard. – Two. It’s very similar to some animations
like Robot Chicken and things like that. – I’d give it a three. – Five.
– Five, for sure. – I would say all of them
are four or five. – (both) You just don’t see that. – Three.
– That was also a five for me. – No! More so than U.F.O. udder? – Five. – Two. I liked that one
even less than the nipple atrocity that I had to sit through. – Five. I don’t even see them
as advertisements. It’s just, like,
what the [bleep] videos. – Three. It was creative,
but I also feel like after seeing the cow udders
and the Domino’s Pizza, I mean, it doesn’t compete
with those at all. – (FBE) So after watching this,
how do you think the Japanese commercials
compare to the commercials that you’ve seen in the United States? – I think ours are boring. For example, the chicken
wearing the “I Love BBQ,” that’d probably never be allowed. – It’s so much more focused
on entertainment and just, you know,
something more enjoyable than just focusing
on promoting your product. – The U.S. commercials
are a little more relaxed. The Super Bowl, that’s when
the weird random commercials come out. – We shouldn’t even have
the commercials we have here in the U.S.–
they should just all be Japanese commercials. If those were the commercial breaks
that I had to sit through, I would watch TV like
it was the Super Bowl every day, just for the commercials. – Thanks so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Make sure you subscribe
to all the creators in this episode. Their links are in the description. – Goodbye! – Hi, guys, it’s JC here,
a producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. If you want a shout-out
like Madman Gaming, FangirlAF, and Olivia S,
make sure you’re down in the comments in the first 30 minutes
of every episode going live, and you might get a shout-out.


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