– It’s Long Long Man dude. – (FBE) Can you give us your
best impression of the Long Long Man? – ♪ (saxophone) ♪ ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going
to be showing you some Japanese commercials.
– Yeah, baby. – I love this. – Oh man.
– These are good. – Those can get weird. – (FBE) So, we’ve shown
Japanese commercials to YouTubers in the past,
but this time, we are actually going to
be showing you a series of commercials that all
advertise the same product. – Okay.
– I’m excited. – An internal lore, as it were. – Nobody does commercials
better than Japan. – Best commercials in the world.
– I’m very excited. – (speaking Japanese) – (narrator) Long Long Man! – Oh, Long Long Man. – I’m so confused. – Oh my God. – Oh, look at that tear. – What did I just watch? – She has that short gummy
and he got that long gummy. – Long Long Man.
– Wow. – I like…
– They’re talking about gummies here? – Did anybody else pick up
on the innuendo in that commercial, or is it just me? – (speaking Japanese) – “You like long things.” – The heck? – Oh, Long Long Man. – I mean, this is obviously
wiener jokes. – Ah, look at how long that is. – Wow. – I can’t comprehend what
I just watched. – That’s what I’m gonna say
every time I get out of the shower now.
Long Long Man! – (speaking Japanese) – Oh, it’s Long Long Man.
– Oh no. – It’s this guy again.
This guy’s trouble, man. Stay away from him. – Oh no.
That was symbolism for her breaking up.
– Yep, the chain broke. – Oh man.
She really wants that long one, honey. – Oh no, oh no.
– Oh man. – Each commercial kind of
gets a little weirder and weirder. – The storytelling is good.
If I saw this on TV, I would want to share it
with everyone. – Oh wow. – Oh my God. – Oh no, he’s showing her
how to do it. Oh dear. – What? – What? – Oh my God. – Oh my gosh. – This guy’s trouble.
I’m telling you. – It’s so sexual.
I don’t know what to do with myself. – This is great campaign.
– I am so invested in the story of the Long Long Man.
– Right? Will they, won’t they? – (speaking Japanese) – It’s her boyfriend, right? – Uh oh.
The confrontation. – Long Long Man’s inside. – His longness is in the bed!
– Oh my gosh. – (gasps) – Oh. – She’s a cheating woman. – No.
– Oh no. – That is so stupid.
– I don’t know, I actually wanna know
what’s gonna happen next. – Can we just play the next one?
This is– I need to know. – Oh, he’s trying to stretch it out. – I feel bad for the guy.
– He feels so inadequate. Poor guy. – (gasps)
– Oh no. – She’s gonna die?
– Why is she dying? – Whenever I look at long things,
I feel assured. Yes. – Long Long Man, save her. – She doesn’t have that long
to live. So that’s why she’s attracted
to long things. – I’m just connecting that candy
to death now. – It makes you reflect on
the mortality of our own life. That’s deep. – What happens next?
I wanna know what happens next. – (speaking Japanese) – Oh, she’s got a lot. – Oh, she knows how to do it. – You could have one long man,
or you could have a bunch of short, short men. – Is this a story of redemption?
– It is. – No way.
– It’s showing you that short gummies can be just as good
as a long gummy. – They’ve been suggesting
this whole time, that these are wieners
and if they’re now saying you can stack wieners to make
it the size you want, that is not a good suggestion. – Flash mob? – Call it off, call it off. – Why is he just shouting
in her face? – What?
His ear– – Long Long Man’s
in the bunny costume? – Storytelling, it’s getting
weird now. – There was a lot going on
in that. – She just can’t stop thinking
of the Long Long Man, so she hasn’t seen the real
Long Long Man in a while and now everything she sees–
– Where is the Long Long Man? – Where’s the Long Long Man?
– Dude. – I bet you he killed him. – Long seatbelt.
– Okay, now the seatbelt? – Is it the Long Long Man?
– Where is he, though? Where is he?
– There he is! He’s back. – It’s the Long Long Man dude! – She’s hallucinating.
– Yeah, she’s just seeing stuff now. – If you’re starting to have
these hallucinations every time you see something
long, like a seatbelt, you’re flipping out all the time. – She got married. – Oh, a stretch limo. – My God.
– This is gonna be stuck in my head all day.
– Yeah, me too. – I like the way he seductively
tears the gummy. – Oh, and he comes out
tearing, oh wow. – So long. – She’s so excited.
Ooh, and his cape is long. – He stopped the marriage. – Do you really want
to try this gummy at this point? – Yes.
– ‘Cause I definitely do. – (speaking Japanese) – Yes!
You got shut down. – Oh no, what? – What is this twist? – Okay, so he’s been after
the dude the whole time. – Ah. – (gasps)
– Oh. – Plot twist. – Oh my God.
He was the rabbit? – He was the rabbit. – Yes, queen!
Touch it, go ahead. – Yeah, dude.
– I don’t mind one bit. – That’s what you get,
Chi-chan. That’s what you get. – Slow clap.
That was so good. – That was crazy though, man.
I’ve never seen an arc like that in the candy world.
– I’ma say ad campaign of the year. I loved it. – (FBE) So, those were all
commercials for Sakeru gummy candy.
– Uh huh. – I wanna try it.
It made me wanna try it. – (FBE) The commercial was split
into eleven different parts and followed the story
of Tooru-san, who prefers the smaller
bite sized candy and his girlfriend Chi-chan,
who struggles to suppress her desire for the long candy.
– Yeah, she does. – I mean, as we all do. – (FBE) So, what do you think
about the story that these commercials presented?
– I loved this for so many reasons, because nobody likes sitting
through commercials. Nobody.
So, the fact that they’re so creative and made a storyline
out of it is genius. – It’s smart to have those all
come together at the end into this whole plot twist. – It was great.
I thought it was super compelling. I was invested from the get-go.
– Absolutely. – I really felt bad for
short guy. – People are probably like,
“Oh, I wanna see the next commercial.
I wanna see the next commercial! What’s gonna happen?
What’s gonna happen?” They think they figured it out
at the very end, and he was interested
in the dude. – It was the soap opera.
It was the classic misdirection. – (FBE) This has become
incredibly popular on the internet with a lot
of people saying that this is a really great love story
full of lots of comedy and the love story we never
knew we needed. – It’s true.
I respect that. – I am all about progressive,
inclusive advertising and I think especially
for Japan, where they are sometimes a little bit
more reserved. I think it’s daring and cool. – (FBE) From what you’ve seen
from other commercials here or abroad, how does this
series of commercials compare for you?
– I would say it’s on a different level.
It’s in a league of its own. – This is one of the more
interesting commercials I’ve seen. – It’s a really interesting
format for commercials to have commercial
episodes. – It’s much better, because
it’s not as crazy to the point where you’re like,
“I don’t know what I just watched.
I don’t even know what it was about.”
Then they just threw an apple at the screen and said
it was an apple commercial. This was–
this had substance to it. – I can think of commercials
here where we have the Verizon guy, you know,
or the Old Spice guy or whatever, but I can’t think
of a commercial series like this. – This commercial actually had
an arc with endearing characters that you wanted to see
what happened next. Most commercials here
in the United States with recurring characters,
you learn to hate. – The adherence to a multi part
story and recurring characters actually adds a lot to this, right?
We live in a day and age where you can binge watch
anything for the most part and so, there’s no reason
why commercials shouldn’t have an ongoing thread. – (FBE) So, we do actually
have something for you. – Oh, no way.
– No. – No way!
– You guys are the best. – Long Long Man.
– This is the best day of my life. – Oh my God.
No way. I’m so excited right now. – I’m so excited about this!
– Yes! This is the best.
Yes! – (both) Long Long Man. – (FBE) So, we gotta ask,
if you could only try one, which one would you want?
– I think I’d want to try the long one. – You can’t just go for
the big one, you know. You haven’t even bought me
dinner yet, so I need to go for
the small one first. – I don’t want the commitment
of the long one. I wanna just try and nibble
the short one. – There’s only so much candy
sugary stuff I can eat at once, so I’m going with the short one.
– My favorite character in the series is Long Long Man
himself. I gotta go long. – (FBE) Since we do have
the long ones available for you, we do have to ask,
can you give us your best impression of the Long Long Man?
– Yes, yes. – Oh my gosh, of course. – (narrator) Long Long Man! ♪ (saxophone) ♪ – This isn’t very good.
– I like it. – That’s ’cause you’re easy. – (both) Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – All of our links to our
YouTube channels are down in the description below,
so go click them. – Bye, everyone. – Hey, what’s up guys,
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
Big thanks to all the creators who came in
and shot this episode with us and shoutout to some of our fans,
Mia Almonte, Matias Escobar, and whitedragon7.
Bye, guys.


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