YouTubers React to Japanese Donald Trump Commercial

(mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – Already dislike. (laughing) ♪ (dreamy music) ♪ – I have no idea what this is. – Yes, Mike Diva. – Oh! I think I’ve seen this. ♪ (dreamy music) ♪ – (chuckling) Oh no. ♪ (light music) ♪ (wheezy laughter)
(sparkles chime) (cracking up) – This is such a great video. – This is a nightmare. – (newscaster) Trump!
♪ (sprightly music) ♪ – What is this universe? – Wow, it’s like the inevitable dystopia
we’re going to live in combined with a soap commercial. ♪ (electronic dance music) ♪ – God, I’m not stoned enough for this. – Why would you want a Trump tree? ♪ (bubbly pop music) ♪
– (laughing) Why is he on a llama? – Frightening. Visually amazing, but frightening. – And he suits being
on the head of a giant llama. -Yes. (explosion) ♪ (scrubbing) ♪ – Oh, this is very North Korea, isn’t it? – This beat is fire. Oh! Oh! – Oh, he was Hitler
and all these other crazy guys. That’s great. – I feel like I’m getting brainwashed.
I don’t even want to look at it. ♪ (dreamy music) ♪ – This is, I think, the most
bizarre video I’ve ever watched. – What is this?
– I don’t know. – The production budget’s amazing though. – What are we watching? – Some girls are into anything apparently. (robotic Trump powers up) You know what? I would vote
for him if he looked like this. – This is totally the type of thing
that you would see in a Japanese commercial. – Is Donald Trump, like, sa–
okay, I was just gonna say, “Is he saving the world,”
and then goes and blows it up. ♪ (electronic dance music) ♪ (energy beam warbles)
– Trump! Stop it! – Is that– I’m feeling like
that’s a pretty accurate representation of what would happen
if he became president. – What just happened? (laughing) – It’s not funny because it’s scary
because it could be true. – That was a vision of the future.
– Yeah. – I’m glad our tour ended before November.
– Good luck, guys. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (Finebros) So what do
you think about this video? – Like, IDK, bro. (laughing) – I have no idea what I just watched. Like, genuinely, I have
no absolutely no idea what that was. – That was the most beautiful
and horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. – Mainly horrifying. – I want to say I liked it,
but I don’t know if I can because it’s all with Trump. – If it was anything else,
I would be like, “Oh, these visuals are stunning,”
but it had a lot of Trump in there and that just kind of ruined it. – It was a video showing what the world’s
gonna be like if Trump succeeds. – Yes! He destroys Earth.
– World domination! – (Finebros) So the video is called
“Japanese Donald Trump Commercial.” – With a name like that, I’d expect
nothing less than that video. – (Finebros) And it was made
by the American YouTuber Mike Diva. – American YouTuber. Okay. Good, so it’s not real! – (Finebros) Do you know Mike Diva’s work?
– No. – No! – Yes. – From what I know,
he does special effects, he’s really good at editing. – I think that’s what so awesome
about creators like himself. He can visually just spew
what’s on his brain onto the screen. – I’ve done a video with Mike Diva before. He’s crazy. If you gotta talk about Mike Diva,
you’ve gotta talk about Sexy Sax Man. Sexy Sax Man, it’s just
the most incredible video that exists on the Internet. – (Finebros) So Mike Diva
is known for making lots of great videos on YouTube. Why do you think he
decided to make this video? – Probably because Trump’s
a bit of a muppet, isn’t he? – He’s taking a shit on Trump’s face.
– (laughs) – I’m guessing he wants
to leverage all of the, you know, the elections that
are happening right now. – Because Donald Trump is a spicy meme
right now on the Internet. – Yeah, it’s a hot topic. – Combining a relevant topic
with a funny Japanese thing is just a guaranteed viral smash, isn’t it? – Definitely. – (Finebros) What kind of mind
do you think he has to have to even dream up the visuals
that you see in this thing? – Not a sober one. – A genius by the name
of Mike Diva, apparently. – You have to be Mike Diva. He’s done a lot of weird stuff, hasn’t he? – I don’t know. It’s Mike Diva, isn’t it? I mean, he does some incredible videos. I’m a big fan of his videos. – (Finebros) There’s over
25,000 comments on this video, and a lot of people think it was
a real Donald Trump commercial, so they’re angry about it.
– What?! – Are you serious?
That’s how good he is! – That doesn’t surprise me. We need to all remind ourselves
of what YouTube comments are like. – That doesn’t surprise me. The Internet is just full
of just gullible people. – They obviously just don’t know Mike then, and his work. That’s literally what it is. Like, some YouTubers that will make
something as a parody and it will go beyond their audience
and it will go viral. – (Finebros) Why do you think,
from watching this, that people would actually think
this was a real Japanese commercial? – ‘Cause it doesn’t really have a message. It doesn’t say it is sponsored by Trump,
it’s not sponsored by Trump, so it leaves you with a big question mark. – Japanese commercials are
just kind of crazy to begin with and this is believable. – Having been to Japan, the awesome,
strange commercials out there, and game shows, so maybe
combining those aesthetics could create something like that. – The production quality,
I’m not quite sure. I mean, it obviously seems like a parody, but Donald Trump was
on the head of, what, a giraffe? Like, there’s no way he’d approve of that! – (Finebros) Mike has said that
the comments seem to be split with 50% thinking he is anti-Trump
and 50% thinking he’s pro-Trump. What do you think? – What does it matter?
That video looked great. That’s all that [bleep] matters. – I’m gonna go with anti. – It seems very anti. I saw a swastika in there. – I would imagine that he’s anti-Trump. The fact that he’s got
several fascist regimes in there. – The end, Trump destroys the world. So clearly he can’t be pro, can he? – I think it’s pretty anti–
who would think–? He shot the Earth and destroyed it. – I think he’s just making
a funny video from it. I don’t think there’s really–
I don’t think he’s picking sides of anyone. – It didn’t really say whether
it was supporting him or not. I kind of like that he just did it from a,
“I’m just gonna make this stupid thing without thinking about it so much.” And it’s like, should
he have had an opinion? – Yeah.
– I don’t know. But it was just a beautiful,
contextless piece of art. – (Finebros) So not being from the US,
what is your perception of Trump? – Um, I try and keep away
from the political side of things. – At first, it was like,
“Oh, this is just a joke.” And then it’s gotten
to the point where’s like this cannot be real. – It was really funny when it started.
Like, “(dismissive laugh) Donald!” – That’s not gonna happen!
– “Oh my god, this guy’s so funny.” And now it’s like, “Oh shit.” – Everyone seems quite scared
and concerned about what the future holds. – But then, you know, the UK,
let’s not talk about it. Everything’s fine.
– Yeah. – You know, it’s just good. – If we can leave Europe,
then there’s definitely a strong chance that he could become president,
so that’s quite scary. – We’re going through a similar thing
in the UK right now. Nobody thought that we would leave
the EU because it was so absurd. “Oh, no one’s gonna actually vote for it.” But it happened. So I think it’s entirely possible
that Trump could be president. I really do. – (Finebros) Do you ever dive
into politics with any of your content or do you stay away from politics? – Um, I poke fun in politics
but I poke fun in all directions. I don’t single out a one crowd,
or I don’t favor another. – I stay neutral, man.
You’ve gotta stay out of that. – I don’t really know
how I’d shoehorn politics into my favorite mascara or lipstick! – Not really. I think
I stick to food and fitness and as a result, yeah,
I don’t really talk about it. – I always stayed away from political things because people,
even if it’s a comedy sketch, people will go crazy. – I don’t wanna offend someone
that has a different opinion to me ’cause it’s not my deal. In a way, it’s kind of arrogant to assume that just because I have an audience,
I have an authority or a right to tell people,
or try and influence people, in what to do. – Even with the Obama interview,
I almost didn’t want to do it because it was– obviously,
a major portion of me wanted to, but it was like: I have subscribers
that don’t necessarily like Obama, so I usually don’t touch politics. I try to keep it to where
it’s a 50-50 split. Like, you don’t know if I’m in favor. If I’m just interviewing you,
am I silently endorsing you… or am I not? – In the sense of we need to be
more active in our government, and active in the decisions
that are being made, especially with what’s going
on in the world, heck yes, that’s what I’m trying to promote. People can make a difference
and I don’t think they realize how much their voices can be heard
if they were all to be unified. – (Finebros) And, finally,
would you say there’s ever been a politician to go
as viral as Donald Trump? – Never. No, never. – Bush maybe came close, you know,
with all the pundits talking about the way that Bush–
the way that they talked about Bush. – Everyone loved Obama.
That was different kind of viral. – Yeah, 2008 Obama
went super viral, didn’t he? Loads of people,
Obama was in so many memes, like him flying around with a skateboard. He was just such a cool dude. – When he caught that fly. – Boris Johnson is actually hilarious. He is one of the funniest people
in British politics, but you might not necessarily want him
to be the next Prime Minister. – No, and that’s sad. It goes to show it’s like
a viral sensation is gonna possibly be a president.
That’s frightening! – I think this is the most–
because when he first came out, he was like, “I’m gonna run for president.” Everyone was like, “(snorts) Yeah.
All right. This is funny. (sarcastically) Trump 2016, right?” And now it’s like, “Oh, god.
No, no, no. Trump 2016. No.” – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Listen guys, I don’t know
if that whole Trump exploding the world thing
is gonna happen or not, but you should probably
subscribe before it does. – See ya later, guys.
Remember: stay hungry, my friends. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪

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