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Hey, babygirl, I’m Zeus. Welcome to “Unraveling History”, with Pascu and Rodri. Today we are going to talk about… ME. Born in Crete the most sensual God He’s the son of a titan who eats his children for lunch, yeah but his mom hide him. He grew up in a cave, and is breastfed by a goat. He trains with the idea, of defeat Chronos! ZEUS!! He gave a potion to his father and he puked his children (Sexy music
with Cronos vomiting in the background) ZEUS!! with his brothers he got him locked up in Tartarus [7u7 sax] He divided the whole world among himself, Hades and Poseidon He takes Olympus, yeah, where he starts to flirt without control. He tries with his sister And she rejects him more than once (300 times) But at the end he tricks her, and they get married ZEUS!! Being married is no reason to not be a whore (7u7 sax with a sexy faun in the cell phone) ZEUS!! He had many kids, and he got laid with them as well. 7u7 (rasputin appears in the background) mmm daughters. That eagle coming for you … IS ZEUS The Golden Rain falling over you… IS ZEUS That Swan over there… IS ZEUS And your lifelong friend, oh yeah… SHE’S ZEUS He transformed into his brother to flirt with his own granddaughter And he was with his aunt for nine days nonstop ZEUS!! although your mother hid it… he was that plumber ZEUS!! He might be in your living room today, impersonatingpassing as your dog. ¡¡ZEUS!! LARAILARAILALÁ LAILARAILA LARAILARÁ…

40 thoughts on “ZEUS | Destripando la Historia | Canción

  1. Les recomiendo no verlo sin audífonos en una cena familiar creanlo lo se por experiencia ahora soy el raro

  2. No lo quería decir pero también lo ise con zeus y lo pero es que si estuvo bueno (ahrrrree)

  3. Me encantaron las musicas de zeus y la de hades, la verdad ahora falta la de "poseídon" así serán mis músicas preferidas :3

  4. Gracias pascu y rodri porque veo este video y no tengo que estudiar la historia de Zeus XD

  5. Aquí hay dos cosas que desconozco:
    1) ¿Por qué dice que Perséfone es su nieta, si es hija de Zeus y Deméter? Sería su hija y sobrina.

    2) ¿Cuál es el mito de "y tu amiga de siempre? Es que ni me suena 🙁

  6. Esperen los perros son zeus aqui las pruebas:

    Perro en ingles se dice dog

    Dog rima con dios

    Dios tiene 4 letras

    Zeus tiene 4 letras
    Comprobado todos los perros son zeus!!

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